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Paul Giamatti gives further info about his love for Bubba Nosferatu

Vantiy Fair interviews the man stepping into Colonel Tom Parker's boots.

Paul Giamatti has been doing some great work recently. In the last 24 hours alone he has been awared a Golden Globe for his work on John Adams. He has achieved great things commercially whilst still managing to maintain his cult status and keep his loyal fanbase happy. Paul Giamatti has been the spokeperson for Bubba Nosferatu since Bruce Campbell bowed out of the sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep. Paul was asked by Bubba director Don Coscarelli to feature in the planned sequel, Giamatti excitedly accepted on the spot by the sounds of it. The things went quiet for a long while, Bruce decided not to take part and the project seemed to be dead in the water. However Giamatti has continued to talk about his love for the project and about how much he has wanted to be involved for quite some time now. He was the first to break the news that Ron Perlman was on board to take over the reins as Elvis several months ago now and things seem to be almost back on track. In the Vanity Fair interviewed below he discusses what drew him to Bubba Nosferatu and what he and Don Coscarelli have been upto. The interview exclusively relates to Bubba Nosferatu which is a nice change to the tiny press snippets we have been seeing for some time now. It sounds like the script is in place, the lead characters are ready to roll and all that is need at this point is funding to get things moving. They are shopping the project around to various studios at the moment. So let's hope that the studios take a chance on what has all of the potential to be a low-budget future classic and jump on-board. All we need now is a coven of she-vampires, but I am sure that Giamatti and Coscarelli have plenty of good ideas up their sleeves! Click the link below to view the interview with Paul Giamatti.

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