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All quiet on the Nosferatu front...

Is no news good news?

It has been another quiet month or two recently with no new information being mentioned about Bubba Nosferatu. Is that a good sign or a bad sign? With the big announcements for casting over the last few months the movie should still be going ahead. At this moment in time I guess we are really waiting to hear that the movie has been greenlit. Now that they have some big name stars lined up for the lead roles it would be nice to think that getting funding and studio approval for the movie wouldn't be too hard. It is likely to be another fairly low budget effort like the original Bubba Ho-Tep movie. Bubba Ho-Tep got good studio acclaim and did well on DVD too. Fingers crossed that funding isn't too difficult to come by. Rest assured that I am still on the case and am doing what I can to dredge up news on this exciting project. If you hear anything or see any snippets of news in the press please let me know! Hang in there folks.

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