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Bubba Nosferatu still on track!

News from The King himself...

Hi folks, just another quick update for you. Ron Perlman has been talking to a few web sites and has offered a little more info on where the movie stands at the moment and the news is good! We have all suffered witha severe lack of updates for the last few months but this sounds like promising information at long last. Perlman told Cinema Blend "The script is completed. They’re moving along quite rapidly, and we’re hoping to be shooting that thing sometime in the late fall”. It sounds very much like they are making progress with Bubba Nosferatu and it is fantastic news to hear that the movie has a planned date to start filming. Please keep your fingers crossed that the above is true and send positive mental vibes towards to the cast and crew to help them bring another quality movie that could be even better than Bubba Ho-Tep...

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