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Bubba Nosferatu star Ron Perlman (yay! I have been waiting to say that!) talks shooting timetables

An update from Ron Perlman let's us know when Bubba Nosferatu should start shooting.

Ron Perlman spoke with the Sci Fi Channel the other day and in addition to updating them on his other movie and TV news. He was asked about Bubba Nosferatu and responded with the following "It's looking good for maybe late fall that we'll get down to principal photography. I'm on board. Paul Giamatti is on board [to play Colonel Tom Parker]. Don is on board. The script is finished. They are thinking that the resources are finally in place. And when I get done with season two of [his F/X TV series] Sons of Anarchy, I think I'll have a little window at the same time Paul does, and we hope to do it then.". Well folks I think things are looking pretty good for Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires at the moment, the stars are in place, the script is done, the director is ready, funding is presumably in place and there seems to be some planning of timings for shooting going on. I am over the moon that this project seems to be going ahead and that we'll get another dose of Elvis' evil-fighting alter ego. Bring it on! :)

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