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Perlman has fingers crossed for a September start to shooting Bubba Nosferatu

A little more info from our new hero!

Ron Perlman spoke to a little while ago now and gave a little more info about what is happening with Bubba Nosferatu at the moment. Ron Perlman is currently working away on the second season of Sons Of Anarchy, but hopes that shooting on Bubba Nosferatu will start in September when his TV filming comes to a conclusion. He said "Bubba’s starting to get some juice now and get some forward momentum. It looks like we have the budget in place. I’m hoping that Bubba starts the day after I finish Sons of Anarchy, which will be late-September". He also shed a little more light on the story for Bubba Nosferatu. When asked about the story for the Bubba prequel he said "It's a stand-alone. The only thing that it's similar is the premise that Elvis is alive and well, and living in a retirement home in an undisclosed location". I reckon that this will mean that the story is possibly going to revolve around Elvis retelling the tale of an earlier adventure while he was filming a movie down in Louisiana and presumably elements of that past story will crop up in the present day too. I guess that 'present day' in this sense will be a number of years before the story of Bubba Ho-Tep starts off. Things may well turn out to be very different, but I guess we'll have to wait and see won't we. September is only about 6 weeks away and it will be interesting to see if shooting does start sometime in that month or not. Hopefully it will and we'll see Bubba Nosferatu in theatres in the next year. More news when we get it. Stay tuned!

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