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Bubba Nosferatu shooting to start soon? Let's hope so!

Ron Perlman gives us all some juicy info on the plan.

Morning folks! Exciting news on the Bubba Nosferatu front. Fangoria Radio was lucky enough to speak to Ron Perlman a few days ago and in addition to discussing his other projects he spent a little time talking about how Bubba Nosferatu was coming along. We mentioned a little while ago that there were hopes that filming of the movie might take place after filming wrapped on the current season of Sons Of Anarchy, well it seems like this is green for go. When speaking to Fangoria Radio Ron Perlman said: "Well, I have this window that’s about to open,” Perlman revealed. “I’ll be done shooting [his cable series] SONS OF ANARCHY in September, and we’re hoping to get into production on BUBBA in my hiatus between seasons two and three. I just spoke to [actor] Paul Giamatti [set to play Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker] and Don Coscarelli this morning, and we’re just moving the ball down the field, trying to get her done." Exciting news indeed. Bubba Nosferatu has needed a bit of a shot in the arm for a while and it would be great to know finally that the movie is definitely going ahead. We know that Ron Perlman, director Don Coscarelli and Paul Giamatti all have a great deal of affection for this movie and they are all certainly doing their best to get it made. I will be a very happy person when I hear that shooting is underway at long last.

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