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Paul Giamatti talks more about Bubba Nosferatu plans

A little more info emerges about what is going on with Bubba Nosferatu

Paul Giamatti has been a supporter of Bubba Nosferatu for a while now and he has championed the movie in a selection of interviews. He clearly believes in the project and is keen to get the sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep rolling in conjunction with Don Coscarelli. Giamatti spoke with on the 1th January 2010 to expose a little more information about the current state of play. When asked if there were any projects he was keen to get made he replied with: "a movie I’ve been trying to get done for a couple of years called Bubba Nosferatu, which is the sequel to a horror movie, a very cult-y movie called Bubba Ho-tep. It’s so cult-y that it’s hard to get made. It (Bubba Ho-tep) is a great movie, but it’s very odd. And it’s hard to get this (Bubba Nosferatu) done, but there are things like that that I like". I think we all have to be thankful that Giamatti is sticking with Bubba Nosferatu and not letting it fall by the wayside in favour of easier projects. asked Paul if he would feature in the movie and he confirmed once again what we already know: "I would be in it. It’s about Elvis. I would play Colonel Tom Parker, his manager. It’s a great script. Hopefully, that will get made." He was asked is Bubba Nosferatu was in the same vein as Bubba Ho-Tep and he replied with: "Yes, it’s even weirder, and that’s part of the problem. It’s more out-there than Bubba Ho-tep is. It’s really great though". The last question he was asked about Bubba Nosferatu was who he wanted to play Elvis in the movie. He answered: "We were talking to Ron Perlman to play Elvis. Bruce Campbell played Elvis (in Bubba Ho-tep), but I don’t think he wants to do it". This is the answer that worries me slightly. Ron Perlman has been in the frame to play Elvis for over 14 months now but I am a little worried that Paul Giamatti said that they *were* talking to Ron Perlman about playing Elvis. This statement could have 3 meanings as far as I can see. He could mean (a) they haven't spoken with Ron Perlman recently about the project suggesting it may be on the backburner for them all (b) Ron Perlman may no longer be involved/interested in the project, or (c) he is just talking about the past and all is well with Ron's involvement. I really do hope the project is still underway and still has Ron's support. I think a project like this really does need a celebrity name to get the attention it deserves when it get's released. Here's hoping all is well in the pre-production world of Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires.

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