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New Elvix mash-up book on the way

'Frankenstein Has Left The Building' being written at the moment.

A little while ago I mentioned that there were some other mash-up movies in development which I figured might cause further issues in Bubba Nosferatu getting made. These other movies were based around the concept of a familiar character (e.g. Abraham Lincoln) getting involved in something they weren't really involced with (e.g. vampire killing). Well a new book has been announced by Alan Goldsher (author of Beatles zombie mash-up book 'Paul is Undead'). The book is titled 'Frankenstein Has Left The Building' and the crux of the story is that 60's Elvis was a kind of Frankenstein's monster. I should point out that this book is still being written and has only been mentioned by its author so far. The book hasn't been released and no movie deal is on the table. I wanted to share the news and see what people thought about it. If the book comes out and is well received the movie rights are often snapped up pretty quickly, especially in a time when there seems to be so few new ideas out there. Could this new Elvis story put Bubba Nosferatu further into the darkness? There has been no new info about Bubba Nosferatu for months now and there doesn't seem to have been any mention from anyone involved (Don Coscarelli, Ron Perlman, Paul Giamatti). Here's hoping that the movie is still crawling its way towards becoming a reality.

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