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We may have to wait a little longer for Bubba Nosferatu

Don Coscarelli starts shooting 'John Dies At The End'

Don Coscarelli has been off the radar for quite some time and there has been next to no news about what his plans were. We know that he continues to beaver away on getting Bubba Nosferatu made but it looks like it is on the back burner until after he finishes work on his movie adapatation of David Wong's novel 'John Dies At The End'. Don is currently shooting this movie with Bubba Nosferatu supporter Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Doug Jones and long time collaborator Angus 'Phantasm' Scrimm. The new movie sounds great and will be high up on my list of things to watch when it gets released. Here's hoping it gets a good reception and paves the way for Bubba Nosferatu to move into production. Hope it goes well Don!

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