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Coscarelli and Giamatti consider Bubba Roswell?

Light at the end of the tunne? Could a Bubba franchise be a possiblity?

Good afternoon Bubba fans. As mentioned earlier this week, Don Coscarelli and Paul Giamatti have been in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. They were there promoting Don's latest movie 'John Dies At The End'. The movie has been well received which can only be a good thing for those hoping for a new movie adding to Bubba Ho-Tep. MTV's Movies Blog has posted a short video clip from snowy Park City in which Don and Paul discuss their shared hopes to bring a series of Bubba movies to the screen. They feel that there is an opportunity for other Bubba adventures and mention a concept for Bubba Roswell in which Elvis happens upon Roswell, New Mexico on his travels around the USA. Paul Giamatti is quoted as saying "Oh, we have all kinds of plans for a 'Bubba' franchise. We've been thinking 'Bubba Roswell,' is what we've been thinking.". I love the idea of a series of Bubba movies. What's not to love about the idea of Elvis getting involved in alien conspiracies in New Mexico? Genius concept!

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