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Three pieces of positive news!

Are things looking up for Bubba Nosferatu at last?

There has been no news about Bubba Nosferatu for a while now. Don Coscarelli has been very busy with releasing 'Jon dies at the end' around the world but talk does seem to be going back to the likelihood of making a follow up to cult classic Bubba Ho-Tep. Way back in April this year Don Coscarelli spoke to about Bubba Nosferatu. In the segment about Bubba Nosferatu he mentioned that he was still interested and also told people that Bruce Cambell still wanted to do the project. This is good news because Bruce had previously backed away from the project over concerns about the script. Hopefully Don and Bruce are back on the same page. Don's response to the usual question about a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel went as follows: "It is always in the cards [laughs]. The cool thing about it is that I learned from when I was touring with 'John Dies at the End' is how many people freaking love 'Bubba Ho-Tep'. It’s so great. I think that maybe the delay we had is actually a good thing because it is developing this great cult following. I for sure want to do it and I know that Bruce Campbell still wants to do it. I think we just need to find a way to pull it all together." So that sounds quite promising already... Then in early October the Ashbury Park Press posted an interview with Paul Giamatti on their website. He was interviewed about his new movie 'All is Bright' but he did give this answer when asked about Bubba Nosferatu: "“Actually, there’s talk that that might happen again. I hope." It is certainly good to hear that the project is still being discussed and that Paul Giamatti and Don Coscarelli are still discussing it. The last piece of news is that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi are getting started on making Army of Darkness 2. Army of Darkness is a big cult classic and Ash is Bruce Campbell's number 1 role. I love 'Army of Darkness' and am very happy to see that there is a sequel on th way. However I also think it is a good thing for Bruce Campbell to have another big screen movie on the way. It shows that he is a bankable star and viable leading man. Perhaps a return to the Evil Dead world will give movie backers less to worry about with investing in Bubba Nosferatu. Keep your eyes open for more updates online and let us know what you see please.

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