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Scrimm is in! Another actor joins Bubba Nosferatu

Longtime Coscarelli cohort Angus Scrimm has joins the fun in Bubba Nosferatu.

Earlier I posted an article about exciting news that Fangoria extracted from Ron Perlman. Bubba Nosferatu is hopefully set to start shooting as soon as he finishes filming the second season of his cable TV series 'Sons of Anarchy'. Things are looking good for the movie at the moment. Fangoria Radio also revealed that Angus Scrimm has signed on to join the cast list of Bubba Nosferatu. This is great news, Scrimm has worked with Bubba director Don Coscarelli several times before and they have been proven to work well together. Angus Scrimm is probably best known as being 'The Tall Man' in Don Coscarelli's much-loved Phantasm series of movies. Scrimm was an excellent villain in the movies that launched Coscarelli's career. Fangoria reported that Angus Scrimm has joined the Bubba Nosferatu cast to play "a Boris Karloff-like horror star who Elvis meets up with in Las Vegas on the set of a vampire movie". Angus Scrimm is a great actor and he really does well to develop memorable characters in unusual roles. We still don't know very much about the storyline of Bubba Nosferatu (Oh to be able to have a peek at a copy of the script! Please Don please!) but we do know that it revolves around the set of a movie Elvis is filming down in either New Orleans or Las Vegas with the various vampire-related shenanigans that take place both on and off the set. Angus joining the Bubba Nosferatu cast adds still more quality to the already excellent cast. Having Ron Perlman, Paul Giamatti and now Angus Scrimm working together under the snappy indie direction of Don Coscarelli is making this into a movie to really look forward to. Get on with it guys and let me know if I can do anything (seriously... *anything*) to help!

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Posted by: Suan
Posted: 05/11/2010 01:44:28