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All quiet on the Bubba Nosferatu front.

Is no news good news?

There hasn't been much in the way of chatter about Bubba Nosferatu for a few months now. Don Coscarelli hasn't mentioned anything, Paul Giamatti and Ron Perlman have both been fairly quiet on the matter. The last we heard was that Ron had hoped it might be possible to film 'Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-vampires' after filming completed on the recent season of his TV show Sons of Anarchy but the timing for that seem to have come and gone. The release date on IMDB seems to have shifted to 2011 from 2010. There is a script for the movie doing the rounds and it feels like a decent follow up to the original movie. I guess all we can do at the moment is to sit tight, keep our fingers crossed and keep listening for any updates. We know that Don Coscarelli wants to make the movie, the 2 leads want to do the roles and there is a script ready for action. Come on guys, please give us an update!

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I watched one of the documentntaries being shown to mark Elvis's 75 birthday and it was mentioned that the reason Elvis never toured outside US was because Colonel Parker was not a Colonel and Tom Parker was a name asumed by the (originally Dutch) illegal immigrant. Whatever the truth behind this story it would add some interesting depth to the Bubba Nosferatu story. I never knew any of this before but it is certainly fascinating and a bit of a shame that the film isn't in progress because it could have capitalised on other Elvis interest at this time.

Posted by: Jon
Posted: 04/01/2010 05:35:56